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We’re going to South Korea! Wanna is back on the road and starts the year with a trip abroad

We will travel for three months to South Korea, a leading country in technology, cosmetics, entrepreneurship, smart cities … and many other sectors. It is a very innovative country and we believe that we can learn a lot that we can later apply in our daily lives, both personally and professionally.

In addition to the topics, we have realized that the cultural difference brings us a lot when it comes to developing lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

Our stay there?

Trend studies and market research.

We like to take advantage of the trips we make as a company to help different companies to help different companies in our country to find solutions to problems they may have by analyzing the sectors in the country where we will reside.

Development of our own projects

Networking event and hackathon with Korean and Spanish companies.

Development of Smart Cities in Korea to propose in public entities in Spain

Educational project about Spanish and Korean culture in educational institutions in Korea.

Another one of our objectives is to carry out different visits to companies. We want to learn about them and get to know them. We want to see how they work and work to apply what we see as interesting and innovative in our way of working and with our clients. We believe that when we have a cultural difference we can learn about working relationships that can help us to work as a team and improve relationships with stakeholders.

Let’s make the most of the trip!