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a month in seattle goes a long way, but… why Seattle?

In the last few years, Seattle has grown fast in terms of economy. That is why companies like Amazon, Nordstrom, or Starbucks decided to settle here. Its’ growth began with their studies and investments in technology and innovation.

It is the biggest city in the state of Washington, in the northwest of the US. Seattle’s metropolitan area spans over Seattle – Tacoma – Bellevue, and it is the country’s 15th most populated and the biggest in the Pacific Northwest. It settles only 155 kilometers south of the border between the US and Canada.

Seattle is well known for being the grunge music’s homeland, also known as Seattle’s sound, and where bands that helped to expand this movement at the beginning of the 90s were born, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Melvins, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

That is not all, during our stay in Seattle we had the opportunity to get in touch with big companies to learn about their practices, their methodology, their motivations…

Did you know that Seattle’s average working time in a company is between 2 and 5 years?

Astonishing, right? We would never imagine that happening here in Spain, we are used to having a job and never renouncing.

In Seattle, we had the chance to visit companies such as Facebook, Pinterest, ZipWhip, Microsoft… We also attended the Seattle Innovation Startup Week. We learned so much about different companies and topics they found interesting. We were allowed to ask questions and talk with them after the events. Oh! And Wanna also organized a pitching event to say goodbye to all the people and clients we met during our stay.

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