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san francisco

why san francisco?

It is the fourth most populated city in the State of California and the 13th in the US, with its 884 382 inhabitants approximately in 2013. It is the only city-county in all the state and it covers over 121 km. It is the second city in the US, behind New York, with the highest population density with over 200 000 inhabitants.

San Francisco’s backbone is tourism, with all its music, movies, and popular culture, which has made the city and its monuments famous around the globe. In fact, San Francisco is the third city in the US in terms of attracting foreigners with its worldwide famous Pier 39 near to Fisherman’s Wharf. Small businesses with less than 10 employees and entrepreneurs make up 85% of the city’s establishments. Is that so, that the number of employees being hired by huge companies with over 1000 employees has been reduced by half since 1977.

Wanna took SFO as an opportunity to be inspired and learn from its ecosystem. We had the chance to travel to Sillicon Valley (one of the most famous regions for its huge and succesful corporations and startups) and get to know different companies like Google, Intermedia, Apple, Standford University, Jungle Communicatios…