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We have just spent a month and a half in Finland but… why this country?


We were fascinated by the culture and climate, but most of all we were surprised. We realized that despite being a European country, it has nothing to do with what we had known so far. The customs, the food, the schedules and above all the temperatures were what reminded us that we were away from home and living a new experience focused on getting to know situations, moments, attitudes and people outside of what we called “normal”

A reference country in Europe in terms of economy. Highlighting the service and manufacturing sectors. In the country, there is a welfare state, as well as highly democratic politics and extremely low levels of corruption. In fact, although Finland is, according to World Bank data, the least prosperous of the Nordic countries, it is one of the ten richest countries in the world in terms of per capita income, one of the European countries with the greatest attention to healthcare (especially the ratio of hospital beds) and the seventh country in the world according to the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness ranking.

In addition, the Finnish education system is recognized as a benchmark worldwide. Or at least that is how the results obtained periodically in the Programme for International Student Assessment Report (PISA) and the high education index in the HDI (Human Development Index) support the free and equal education model in Finland. These conditions have achieved the attendance of all the country’s inhabitants, leading the country to have only 8% of Finnish students who do not finish their compulsory studies 

On this trip to Northern Europe we decided to develop different projects and take advantage of our stay in this country to get to know that more enterprising side, since tourism is something we can always resort to for a change of scenery.

In addition to creating projects we got several contacts to learn much more
about sectors that interested us. For example, when we met with the director of the Finnish education agency, we were invited to an event called Startup north where we had the opportunity to visit Microsoft Finland.

This is not all, to get much more involved in the culture and their education we were with the students of Haaga- Helia. There, the “Business and Innovation” students helped us and gave us feedback on different projects. It helped us to get to know the culture of the country and to work on our way of relating to each other.

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