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Why events?

There is no better way to make known your bussines in a place where admire your work.




In Wanna, we love to travel and visit different new cultures, but, and if we learn about different cultures that exist in our country? Mestiza the sociocultural association organizes annually an event called Donosti diversity which´s goal is to promote the cultural diversity. This year the topic was World´s women, and we had the opportunity to cooperate whit themes in the organization.


Many companies have problems achieving the youngest attention. In Wanna, we help to reduce this line between the world of work and the new generations. We do since produccions, events, consultoring…

In this case, we cooperate with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa for European Heritage days. Wanna filmed a promotional video and advised a differents participating organizations.

Scape games

Exterior and interior

La gamificación ha llegado para quedarse y qué mejor forma de aprender la historia y la cultura de Donosti que a través de un juego de escape. Tanto para familias, amigos, escuelas, empresas, un juego perfecto para aprender de una manera divertida.

Cheer up!

Work with us to get your projoct known by everyone.